Manual Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

At Shah Driving School in Bolton, we offers both automatic and manual driving lessons. We have experienced instructors for these driving lessons. There are lots of  benefits to choosing manual driving lessons, such as you can have more control, most of the models of vehicles are manual so you can have the ability to drive a large range of makes and models.

It’s important to keep it in mind that with a manual driving license you’ll be able to drive both type of cars, manual and automatic cars. But if you select Automatic driving lesson you will not be allowed to drive manual car. So this means that selecting to manual driving lesson will give you more options when you are buying or renting a vehicle. There is another benefit of manual license is that manual cars are cheaper than the automatic version of the same type,  manual cars can often be more reliable as compare to the automatic cars, and, as the mechanism of manual cars is less complicated. Last important point is, if you’re going to do a lot of driving in icy or snowy environment, then a manual car can provide you a greater control and manual cars perform better when roads are slippery or dangerous.

Before selecting a driving lesson you should know which is best driving lesson for your needs, but whether you choose manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons, we make you sure that we will provide best instructor in Bolton. Female Driving instructors are also available. Our instructors are highly trained, DVSA certified instructors and friendly. We will provide you the cheapest driving lessons in Bolton.

Select one of the following lesson which suites you best. Our prices are reasonable. Female  instructors are also available for your comfort.